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spring in new york

amazing  america

spring in new york

Hi guys, you know, when you travel alone you travel with the best company!

Spring in new york

spring in new york

The big apple, how can you not love this place?!

“The center of the world”! You can walk the streets for hours and you’ll never feel alone. Im walking on Broadway st. and right next to me is a mother holding her kid on his arm, his crying, she’s screaming on him to behave, a tall man with a suitcase is barely walking, I guess he’s drunk, to my right is a bunch of teenagers dressed way to short for this cold weather, the girls had black lipstick and so many earrings I couldn’t count, the boys hold a little speaker and played trap music loudly, even though they didn’t bother me I decided to move to the other side of the street, just to get a better look…

this is New York city, everything here i hectic, everything here is real, and being alone makes you absorb and appreciate it even more.

things to do:

spring in new york

There Are Plenty!

1. Fifth Avenue

spring in new york

Where ever you walk in NYC there are things to do and see

Every fashion addict and breakfast at tiffany’s fan knows , fifth eve is the most famous and classic shopping street in the world! Go to see the famous plaza hotel on the 58th cornered to center park, you can even go inside the hotel luxurious lobby and take a few pictures, right next to it is the old bergdorf & goodman luxury department store , women store on one side of the street and mans on the other, tiffany & co, louis vuitton, gucci and as you’ll go southern the brands will get more accessible.

this is New York city, everything here i hectic, everything here is real, and being alone makes you absorb and appreciate it even more.

2. Central park

spring in new york

Where ever you walk in NYC there are things to do and see

The 4 kilometers length park is literally inside the center of Manhattan Heart, if you want a cool getaway from the noisy cars, eat ice cream and watch the street shows, inside the park you’ll find a few lakes, 2 ice skating rinks, the new york zoo (a very small one) and even a castle ( belvedere castle).

Every time i come to new york I spend few hours in this park, i can always find a quiet spot to watch the upper east and west side buildings while squirrels running next to me.

3. Time Square

spring in new york

Times Square – the center of the world, this billboards jungle is a must see for every person who’s in New York! (Girls- make sure to check out sephora while you’re there, best store ever!)

There’s also a famous touristic restaurants like: the hard rock cafe, the red lobster, bubba gump shrimp co. And many more…

4.Wall Street / One tower / 9/11 memorial

spring in new york

make sure you check the downtown area, you can spend 1-2 hours and see a lot of the most famous locations in the world, such as the new york federal hall, one World Trade Center (who has observatory on the 100th floor, and it’s very recommended to buy tickets online before your already there) the charging bull statue- don’t forget to hold the bull balls for a good business year.

Another thing you can do while your downtown is taking a boat cruise to see the Statue of Liberty (not recommended on cold winter days) or you can pamper yourself with a helicopter sightseeing tour above Manhattan

5. Empire State Building

spring in new york

you will find this spectacular architecture on the corner of fifth avenue and 34th street, inside on the 86th floor theres a great panoramic observatory, I really recommend you guys to come early in the morning to avoid a 3 hours waiting line, second option is to buy tickets ahead(online or different tickets stations around town)!

6. The Metropolitan museum of arts

spring in new york

very impressive place to see!

this place is amazing, I spent 4 hours and I didn’t even seen half of this huge structure, you can find there asian, greek, Egyptian, European arts, and medieval arts, modern and contemporary arts and more…

you can stay here until your feet can no longer hold you. the best part is, like many museums in NYC, the amount you pay is up to you! So on this particular place I recommend to come and purchase your tickets at the admission desks of the museum.

7. the high line

spring in new york

The high line is a 2.3 km park that was built on an old railroad, became a green park with an urban landscape that attacked people to the west side of Manhattan for a little relaxation walks, a nice spot for lunch breaks , or just a great pictures location.

8. Grand central station

spring in new york

Just walking in NYC is a something special…

The train station became a famous by being the biggest train station in the world, the brilliant architecture contains 48 platforms and 75 railways! The station offers a variety of restaurants and unique stores, you’ve probably watched a lot of movies that included scenes from that station, remember the dancing scene with mila kunis and justin timberlake from “friends with benefits”?

Anyway, this place attracts more then 20 millions tourists a year, feel like wanting to become one of them?

this is New York city, everything here i hectic, everything here is real, and being alone makes you absorb and appreciate it even more.

9. Brooklyn bridge

spring in new york

This gothic bridge is the perfect place to capture the Manhattan downtown skyline, you can always catch a tourists bus and enjoy a drive with a view , I recommend to try also the night tour, then you’ll see the magical lights of the big apple!

10. Madison square garden/radio city music hall

spring in new york

Do you wanna watch a show or a basketball game in the greatest city in the world? Both places known for being the home for music culture, madison square garden is the home oldest NBA hall

where to eat?

spring in new york

After all this touring must be hungry!

1.  Shake Shack

spring in new york

Hamburgers fried and shakes, the American fast food cain that capture the new Yorkers hearts is a must have at least ones while you spend the days at the city, and trust me, the excellent taste compensates for the crowded lines your gonna stand for.


2. Gabriel kreuther

spring in new york

Gabriel kreuther is a classic french chef restaurant(one michelin star) that i have a warm place in my heart (i got engaged to the love of my life here) and the hole night was a magical and extraordinarily experience, it began with 4 smaller to biggest dishes, included every luxury ingredient such as truffle and caviar. great spicy cocktails (it actually came with chili pepper on the top of the glass), extremely kind service and one very happy couple.

3. Maison kayser

spring in new york

When going inside this lively and busy bakery /restaurant the first thing you’ll notice will be the largest selection of a beautiful delicious looking desserts, the second thing you’ll notice is that the waiters are dressed as if they had just emerged from a French silent movie…

the bakery known for having the “best baguette in NYC” but i can definitely say I enjoyed a wonderful roquefort salad, salmon sandwich and amazing chocolate desserts!

4. Eataly

spring in new york

this Italian market is the perfect attraction for foodies as they can find many Italian brand to shop for their home cooking, there are also several restaurants divided by different styles of Italian kitchens, I tried one of them: la pizza & la pasta- and the truffle risotto was delicious and fresh!the market is located right in front of the iron flat building and at the beginning of the iron flat districts, which is another wonderful area to explore.

5. Galli

spring in new york

If you got tiered of shopping, in the heart of soho (42 mercer street) you’ll find yourself a fine “Italian comfort food and exceptional cocktails” as they’ll say on themselves, you can indulge your palate with classic Sicilian food, great classic desserts and get a little tipsy from their cocktails in the process.

where to shop?

spring in new york

NYC without shopping better stay home!

1. Fifth avenue

spring in new york

beside being a beautiful location witnessing the tall buildings of midtown and the upper East Side , fifth avenue is the home of the most famous brands in the world, from zara to Chanel. Every world brand will fight for the smallest store space on this street.

2. The department stores

spring in new york

macy’s and bloomengdale’s would be a perfect place for all budgets and all styles, also a great stores for sales shoppers (as myself), my only warning is to get your feet ready, macy’s for example is an 8 floor store that can easily fill your hole day walking in it!


3. The iconic luxury stores

spring in new york

bergdorf goodman and barney’s are landmarks for every fashionista, the classic architected stores is a home for many luxury brands from all over the world, many brands such as “fendi” began their ways by selling their goods in this stores. Even if your wallets are not up to it, you can walk around and absorb the couture chic of this elegant stores.



spring in new york

In this neighborhood you can find yourself walking and shopping for hours without taking notice, the beautiful historical street is now the right place to shop all of your favorite brands, from couture designs to big brands, street fashion combined with high fashion, every boutique and store has a unique way to tell their story, nike for example have a 4 floor space with basketball court on the last floor, stores you can find in soho: YSL, balenciaga, chloe, louis vuitton, celine, isabel marant, moncler, free people, levi’s, rag & bone, lululemon, uniqlo, guess and many more…


Last but not least

spring in new york

If you have enough days and you want to get out of the city for 2-3 days I recommend to use the site: to locate a guide tour that will fill your needs, I booked a 2 days tour to rhode island and Boston and made a dream come true (always wanted to see Boston) but you can also tours to Washington or niagara falls for example.

to conclude it all

spring in new york

So Guy’s, i hope you’ve find this article helpful, new york have a very warm place in my heart, when I close my eyes i always dream of myself walking in this streets with a big smile on my face, feeling free and cheerful.


Spring in NEW YORK

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spring in new york

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