The 3 most heavenly islands of


The 3 most heavenly islands of Greece

Greece has one of the most unique and special islands of the world!

Greece has one of the most unique and special islands of the world!

The 3 most heavenly islands of Greece

While every island is different then another, a sandy beaches to a volcano black rocks, one thing is sure, the memories of these heavenly islands would stay with you forever!

The 3 most heavenly islands of Greece

These are my 3 most recommended islands to visit in Greece, I hope youʼll enjoy:

These are my 3 most recommended islands to visit in Greece, I hope youʼll enjoy:



The half moon shaped island is one of the uniquest islands in the world, created due to a volcanic activity, the island was blessed with a breathtaking cliffs on itʼs western coast, people from all over the world come to observe and photograph the mesmerizing sunsets from the capital thira and the pastoral northern town oia.

The 3 most heavenly islands of Greece

While you spend the day at the beach (all the beaches located on the eastern side of the island) youʼll notice that the sand have a darkish color to it, remnants of the lava from historical volcano eruptions.


If you want to observe a true volcano you can take a half day boat tour from thiraʼs port to the northern islandtholos naftilos, there you will climb to the top of the 130 meters high volcano and also be able to swim in the “healing hot springs” characterized by their yellow water that contains a large amount of sulfur (known for it therapeutic virtues) on the bay of- nea kameni.

The 3 most heavenly islands of Greece
The 3 most heavenly islands of Greece

The best attraction of Santorini is the town oia, the town located on the top corner of the island.

The famous greek architecture, white houses with blue windows and doors, shown here in the most glorious way, the view is spectacular, the vibes of it small alleys just bring a smile back to my face when I think of it, there are great small restaurants with fresh food, good ice cream, on sunset time, many people gathering around the town to witness the sun setting inside the sea.

The 3 most heavenly islands of Greece
The 3 most heavenly islands of Greece

In Thira (fira) the capital of the island youʼllbe able to shop for souvenirs, special pieces of jewels and clothes, there are many restaurants and taverns that makes the town alive until the late night hours.

The 3 most heavenly islands of Greece


When I think of this island I think of how expensive and luxurious it is, you definitely need to prepare your budget for this one, but when you do, the options are limitless! From having a dreamy room with a private pool to a yacht sail, everything is possible for the right price.


Renting a car is very recommended

The 3 most heavenly islands of Greece

Mykonos is a small island but every beach is a bit different and located on a different spot on the island.

There are many beautiful clear blue water beaches such as: Elia, Paraga, Panoramos, Paradise and more… all of them including beds and umbrellas, restaurants, bars and lots of parking space.

The 3 most heavenly islands of Greece

You can also find a private beaches such as: Nammos, Skorpios, and Lohan, there, you can pay up to 100 euro and more for two bads and umbrella for lying underneath the greek sun, but before you judge, just imagine yourself siting next to your favorite football player or super model, watching the lavish yachts while eating fresh fruits and sipping champagne, for some, itʼs a price worthy.

The 3 most heavenly islands of Greece
The 3 most heavenly islands of Greece

As for night life lovers, some of this beaches transform into a night club after sunsetting so you can stay to dance with your favorite swimwear.

The 3 most heavenly islands of Greece

Thereʼs many good restaurants in Mykonos, I recommend dearly to try: Buddha-Bar – an asian pacific rim cuisine knows for being one of the hottest spots on the island, combined great food with cocktails and dj environment while viewing the beautiful aegean sea


Koursaros mykonos town- a fish and sushi fusion restaurant that we extremely liked! At dinner time the vibes remained me a miami 90sʼ club, a happy lively place with fresh and trendy food, we loved this restaurant so much that we came again the night after.


Mamalouka- in the heart of Mykonos town, this huge patio restaurant serves Mediterranean, local greek and traditional Italian food and wonderful cocktails, The place play greek music and chill vibes, no wonder this place got a great reputation

The 3 most heavenly islands of Greece


One of greece northwestern islands is corfu, the island landscape is unique compared to the other islands of the country, and thanks to all the trees planted on it many years ago, now the islands surrounded by tall and green olive trees and more.

As the rest of greece was dealing with turkish occupation, corfu (located closer to Italy) was influenced by Italian and western culture, and itʼs easily shown by the amazing architecture on the island


Only 3 kilometers of sea separating corfu from land (Albania). The island blessed with a length of 217 with a length of 217 kilometers coastline witch means transportation around the island is necessary if youʼd like to see all the beaches, villages and wild nature the island got to offer.

Thereʼs a public bus service that can take you from one spot of the island to another, otherwise you can rent a car/motorcycle and even a bicycle for the brave and sporty people.


Center to northern side of the island is mostly mountains, the beaches on the northern shore are highly touristic.

On the village Sidari for example you can find many attractions of water sports, sunbathing beds, stores and restaurants.


We rented a boat (after a very short instructions by the rental company) so we could sail and see the amazing canal dʼamour, there you can swim through caves and tunnels or jump off from white rocks into the clear blue water, photography lovers can capture the northern tip of the island and believe me, itʼs a sight to behold.


On The southern side thereʼs kavos – the biggest and most touristic village of the island. On summer time the village is very occupied, on day time the beaches are crowded, the water on this shore line are pretty shallow and fun lay in, thereʼs many bars and water sports around here,and if youʼre looking for a fun day at the beach all the beaches of the village are perfect for it. Another attraction is the cruises that can take you to paxi and antipaxos- the neighbor islands, or to the albenian coast. You can find pool parties around the village hotels and many clubs and restaurants would work till the late hours of the night.


Kerkyra (the city)- the capital of the island is also the heart in the middle of it all, mixed with beautiful old architecture, a port for small boats and a bigger one for ferries that comes from Italy. The old fortress and the amazing Saint George temple inside of it makes a breathtaking sight near the blue sea.


The city of Corfu is very occupied and you can spend your day and evening by walking around the streets of the old city, eating in great restaurants (mainly local greek or Italian food) and hanging in taverns and bars.


What i mostly liked about this three islands, beyond the unique and special aspects of them, is the fact you can enjoy this places both as a group of friends that want to party and hangout or as a couple looking for a romantic getaway.

Greece is a colorful country blessed with sun and sea, warm and happy people. Enjoy your greek vacation!

The 3 most heavenly islands of Greece

This is the end of my great trip and hopefully the begining of a great vacation for you. Please feel free to message or leave a comment with any questions you may have regarding greece or a specific island.

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