The best hotels in

north Italy

The Best Hotels in North Italy

Hi everyone, Italy is a beautiful and fascinating country that contains varied views.

Hi everyone, Italy is a beautiful and fascinating country that contains varied views.

The Best Hotels in North Italy

North of Italy itself is huge and diversified, there’s lakes , mountains, valleys , sea shores , woods, and fields, there’s big cities such as Milan, Torino Verona and Venice, and countless towns and villages. I’ve traveled in Italy many times by the years and i still feel that there is so much to see and many places to return to.

The Best Hotels in North Italy

The hotels in Italy are great, but some of them are unforgettable and awesome! This is my list of “north of Italy best hotels”:

1. Borgo 27

This renovated old villa and gardens located northern to Verona (about 30 minutes drive from Verona airport) on a quiet hill that observes the town Grezzana, a foothills to the dolomites.

Every suite in Borgo is unique and different, the furnitures are originally saved creates an elegant and classic look for the rooms and the lounge as well as the gardens surrounding the complex.

My visit in Borgo 27 left me with the feeling of wanting to come back again as soon as i can

The Best Hotels in North Italy

Borgo 27 - the garden

The Best Hotels in North Italy

2. Excelsior palace hotel in Rapallo

This is a luxury 5 stars hotel that sites on the Portofino coast, on the Italian riviera. The hotel itself celebrates relaxation and excellence, the lobby and outside terrace are fancy and well decorated. there’s a private beach club including two infinity pools with a sea view, beds and umbrellas under the sun, floating devices, inside there’s a spa with all the facilities, and a warm pool viewing the beaches of Rapallo.

The room we got was outstanding, a suite with two different bathrooms, a balcony on a high floor with an unbelievable view, beautiful decoration, what more can you ask for?! 

The Best Hotels in North Italy
Excelsior palace hotel
The Best Hotels in North Italy

Excelsior palace hotel- the infinity pool

Excelsior palace hotel- the infinity pool
Excelsior palace hotel terrace
The Best Hotels in North Italy

3. Grand hotel imperiale resort & spa


In lake Como, there’s many hotels, but this renowned villa and gardens located on the lake shore of Moltrasio (20 minutes from como town) is one of the best places to find peace and quiet, the minute you step into this place you feel like the world stops and your vacation starts!

I’ve spent two vacations here, the rooms are classics and old style decorated with marble bathrooms, all rooms pointing to the amazing lake view, the breakfast was unforgettable, the inside spa and pool were out of this world, you can spend hours here without notice, and the last winning card- outdoors pool with a winning lake view 

Grand hotel imperiale


Grand hotel imperiale rooms view

The Best Hotels in North Italy

4. Kurhaus Cademario hotel and spa


this might sound funny but the best hotel to be in is actually in Switzerland! A little northern to the Italian border, above the city Lugano, on a top of a mountain you will find this magical breathtaking hotel.

Once you arrive you’ll witness the Mountain View overlooking the Lugano lake, the other side will be a wooded area and gardens. The rooms are tastefully furnished, I recommend to order ahead a room with a balcony and a lake view (it’s a breathtaking view) all the rooms equipped with all the goods you’ll need for a relaxing and pampering vacation, beside the hotel itself there’s a spa brand called “DOT” witch is the finest I’ve ever been in!

There’s three pools, one is a warm pool with special streams inside at the spa area the second is a long cool water pool outside, and the third pool is a part inside and a part outside with a special streams and jacuzzi warmed water, there’s plenty saunas, this spa is The core of the resort .

The restaurant of the hotel “la cucina” serves international and Italian cosine, and that is another reasons why you won’t want to get out if this hotel! I’ve been here 4 times in the past 4 years, and to tell you the truth, this is my favorite place on earth!

Kurhaus Cademario Outdoor Pool


Kurhaus Cademario Indoor Pool


Kurhaus Cademario Room

The Best Hotels in North Italy

5. Principe Di Savoia

Hotel Principe Di Savoia


When you’re staying in milan , like in most of the big cities, comfort is the key word, and there’s no place more comfortable then hotel Principe Di Savoia, the luxury 5 stars historical hotel have all the facilities to make you feel like home… and even better, while you’re staying in the center of this vibrant city.

Old world designed and furnished, but equipped with the best quality products and technology, the rooms are super classic and prestige, shower product are all “aqua di parma”, at night time you’ll get aromatherapy spray to makes you feel relaxed and sleepy (you should spray it on your bed sheets).

The spa is on the top floor, there , you can view the Milan skyline while you swim in the warmed pool and jacuzzi. Lunchtime at the principe di savoia lobby are well known among the people of Milan, they love dressing up, sitting and chatting while enjoying the gourmet menu. There’s a Shuttle service every 30 if you want to get to the shopping streets and milan cathedral- “Duomo di Milano”.

This is a super classy hotel with a thinking forward approach.

The Room - Principe Di Savoia


The View - Principe Di Savoia

The Best Hotels in North Italy

6. Grand Visconti Palace Milano

Another prestige hotel in Milan that I dearly recommend, a little less central but still located in the heart of Milan. This renovated building used to be an early 20th century structure, an old cookie factory who came to life again as a luxurious hotel, The high floor rooms with the marble bathrooms are romantic and classic, an old fashion vibe with an urban twist.

There’s a very nice pool area with sauna and Turkish bath. gardens outside with a glass gazebo that is an ideal for brunch and cocktails. the hotel is extremely comfortable for people who wants an extra parking space. a calm vacation inside the city. Grand visconti palace garden

Grand Visconti Palace Room


Grand Visconti Palace Pool


7.Villa La Vedetta Firenze

Villa La Vedetta Firenze


This stunning villa located perfectly on the hills surrounding Florence , overlooking the renaissance city and cathedral- di santa maria del fiore.

The place is perfect for travelers with a car, because entering to the city center with car is forbidden, the villa provide comfortable parking space and a shuttle service closer to the center as possible.

Entering Villa La Vadetta feels like having a taste of an old world, the boutique lobby and rooms are all marble, velvet, silk and Italian mosaics. The rooms are viewing the Italian gardens surrounding the villa, the outside pool, and the city of Florence with the mountains surrounding it. breakfast served outdoors in a glass gazebo that shares the same beautiful view.

The pool of the villa is luxurious and fancy, from may to October the pool service with hydro massage a solarium zone and a bar, staying in Villa La Vadetta is so unique and special that it will upgrade your stay in Florence to a 5 stars experience!

Villa La Vedetta Firenze


Villa La Vadetta Gardens


Villa La Vadetta Lobby


I dearly believe that Italy is one of the best touristic country in the world. The Amazing landscape, the incredible food, the unique and luxurious hotels with a very kind service, that’s what makes italy the best of the best!


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