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Christmas and new years eve in PARIS


Christmas and new years eve in PARIS

Hi guys! I Hope that all of you had a great year ending and a wonderful beginning of 2018.

Paris - Arrival
Regent’s Garden Hotel
Paris - Arrival
Arc De Triomphe
Galerie Lafayette

regent’s garden hotel

i would like to share with you my end of the year experience in paris… city of lights!

Christmas and new years eve in PARIS

after landing and checking in the beautiful boutique hotel “regent’s garden” we began our tour in “arc de triomphe” like a good tourists, we had a perfect sunny day for our advantage so we walked on the champs Élysées Avenue until we found ourselves at galerie Lafayette, the biggest brands mall in paris, The special Christmas design were breathtaking with a 5 floor special edition candy colors Christmas tree. We did some shopping but there were no longer sales after boxing day was done.

A dream coming true

Christmas and new years eve in PARIS


Christmas and new years eve in PARIS

Disneyland hotel will be the first thing to see when you come from the train station diraction

second day was making a dream come true for my love (aviv) and i, we went to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth!

Getting there by train will take you a 50 min ride and 7.60€ Per person, we took the train from charles de Gaulle station to chessy/ porc disneyland station with the red A line, it’s very simple and you can always ask the hotel concierges for maps and guidance, you can easily make it work!

too bad you cant take the weather with you sometimes

Christmas and new years eve in PARIS

this time we weren’t so lucky with the whether, it was rainy windy and just freezing in general, but we had to make the best out of it…

so we paid 99 euro for each person and we were inside Disneyland! What a joy


Christmas and new years eve in PARIS

from “pirates of the Caribbean” to “the twilight zone”, we tried every attraction that was waterproof and available to us but we still finished the day water soaked.

Anyway we were so happy and grateful for being able to have this existing experiences.

the day before new year’s eve

Christmas and new years eve in PARIS

Saturday before New Year’s was a great day for sight seeing of classic Paris, walking around the eiffle tower and the Christmas market Next to it made us dream we’re in a romantic movie.

Unfortunately rain came earlier then we expected and woke us up, we used the opportunity to jump on a hop on hop off bus. watching the breathtaking beauty “notre dame” cathedral from the Cousy bus and jumping down in the louvre station heading to the magnificent louvre museum.

For those into arts

Christmas and new years eve in PARIS

If you’re into world arts and historic monuments like I do, this is the perfect place for you! the portrait of mona lisa, Aphrodite statue ( venus de milo) and so so many more!

Waiting in line took us about 30 min, but trust me, louvre museum is not something that you want to miss because of line waiting, if you don’t want to wait you can always buy tickets directly from the officel website :

Louvre tickets online

But remember, you must book the tickets at least hour or two ahead.

The louvre is the largest arts museum in the world, witch also means you’ll need to save a lot of power and time for it! If only I could have the time I would spend at least 2 full days inside But I couldn’t so we spend 3:30 hours to see only one out of 4 big floors of this museum witch included some Italian, French, Greek, Egyptian and English arts.

it’s definitely a memory that I will cherish forever, but I wish I could have more time and energy to view the high floors of this spectacular building , i can definitely say this is a “must see again” on my next trip to Paris.


la vallee village

Christmas and new years eve in PARIS

very impressive place to see!

another day another adventure, we decided to check the Paris outlet “la vallee” village. Again by train just like Our previous journey to Disneyland (red line A4) only this time we  took the Val d’Europe station (one station before the last destination-Disneyland). If your interested in more direction details or info about the stores  check this link here: La Vallée village

i can say for my self that I especially enjoyed the SANDRO store because of the low prices and the additional Christmas sale, about the man section the BOSS store was pretty good, Variety of clothing and size range . And for a sweet ending  we entered the  LADUREE macaron boutique and bought ourselves some goods… yummy!

The New Year’s Eve experiences:

Christmas and new years eve in PARIS

the night of New Years was something that I’ll never forget. We reserved ourselves a table in one of the finest restaurants in town : e’tude

Just walking in NYC is a something special…

Christmas and new years eve in PARIS

the one michelin restaurant run by the chef keisuke yamagishi is a modern minimalist french cuisine that served us a special 7 dishes that the chef created especially for the New Years eve.

The menu included elegant dishes such as scallops with truffle topping, steamed fish wrapped with leaves and many more, even the chocolate desert came with unbelievably interesting and tasty truffle ice cream! the food was sophisticated intelligent and left us with a taste for more, the staff were extraordinarily polite and welcoming. we actually felt ,in the hours we spent there, like genuine royalty.


the new year’s kiss

Christmas and new years eve in PARIS

11:50 pm – after the fine dinner we had to run quickly to the Eiffel Tower observation for the New Years kiss! We made it of course, us and a hundreds and thousands people more, witch made it so difficult to find a taxi, so difficult that we actually walked all the way back to our hotel room!

Yes! with high heels and fancy clothes that didn’t fit the cold weather as it should that night…

I actually never seen anything like this in any other place I’d been in during Christmas time! In the middle of the way We made a stop for a drink in a bar , just to get warm, and i tell you guys… that was something, 2 hours later we fined ourselves back at the room exhausted and tired !

last day in paris

Christmas and new years eve in PARIS

After the events of the night before we decided to take it easy and go eat something , and there was no better place then angelina cafe to go for a good brunch , so one taxi and 30 min of line waiting , and we enjoyed a good meal that included Jerusalem artichokes soup for me and eggs Benedict for my love, amazing hot chocolate , and the angelina classic cheesecake .

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